Oxford Temp Provisional System

Introducing Oxford Temp  — The Better Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Part of the Oxford Temp Provisional System

Oxford Temp — the Strength to Last — without Methylmethacrylate.


Oxford Temp is a temporary crown and bridge material formulated with multifunctional methacrylic esters, but without methylmethacrylate. As a result, Oxford Temp has superior compressive strength, superior diametral tensile strength and an outstanding elastic modulus. This creates long lasting temporary crowns and bridges.

Oxford Temp’s lower exothermic heat during polymerization improves patient comfort and the absence of methylmethacrylate reduces the potential for sensitivity.


Features Benefits
• Automix Dispensing • Bubble Free Mixing
• Greater Convenience
• Low Exothermic Heat • Greater Patient Comfort
• Less Pulpal Irritation
• Methylmethacrylate Free • Lower Potential for Sensitivity
• Fluoresces • More Natural Appearance
• Value Priced • Economical — Saves Money


Oxford Temp Cem — Clearly Superior.

Oxford Temp Cem is an esthetic, dual cure temporary cement for crowns and bridges. This multifunctional methacrylic ester formulation is provided in a translucent shade to complement the shade of your temporary restoration.

Oxford Temp Cem is eugenol free so as not to interfere with subsequent bonding procedures. It is packaged in an automix syringe for void free mixing and greater convenience.


Features Benefits
• Dual Cure • Faster Setting
• Easier Clean Up
• Translucent Shade • Complements the Temp. Shade
• Eugenol Free • Does not Interfere with Subsequent Bonding Procedures
• Automix Dispensing • Greater Convenience
• Bubble Free Mixing
• Thin Film Thickness • Excellent Fit
• Value Priced • Economical — Saves Money

Oxford Correct Light Cure Correction Material

With Oxford Correct – Repair is a Snap!

Oxford Correct Light Cure Correction Material is a resin based, flowable composite indicated for use in the repair and/or modification of Oxford Temp temporary crowns and bridges.
Oxford Correct is a true flowable composite with filler loading of 43% by volume and 62% by weight.


Features Benefits
• Light Cure • Quick and Easy Repair
• Flowable Composite • Durable and Color Stable
• Multiple Shades • Versatility to Match Oxford Temp Shades
• Value Priced • Economical — Saves Money


Product Information
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Instructions for use: Temp
Instructions for use: TempCem
Instructions for use: TempCorrection

MSDS: Temp
MSDS: TempCem

MSDS: Temp Correction

Ordering Information:.

Oxford Temp Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Includes: 1 — 50 ml cartridge 10:1 ratio | 10 mixing tips
Part Number     Description
• FE-022     Oxford Temp A2
• FE-023     Oxford Temp A3
• FE-024     Oxford Temp A3.5
• FE-021     Oxford Temp A1
• FE-025     Oxford Temp B1
• FE-026     Oxford Temp B3
• FE-027     Oxford Temp C2
• FE-020     Oxford Temp Bleach Shade
• AP-100     50 ml Applicator Gun 10:1 Ratio

Oxford Temp Cem Eugenol Free, Dual Cure Temporary Cement

Includes: 1 — 5 ml syringe 4:1 ratio | 10 mixing tips
Part Number     Description
• FE-030     Oxford Temp Cem – Translucent

Oxford Correct Light Cure Correction Material

Includes: 1 – 2 ml syringe / 3 – needle tips

Part Number        Description

FE-022-C            Oxford Correct A2
FE-023-C            Oxford Correct A3
FE-024-C            Oxford Correct A3.5
FE-021-C            Oxford Correct A1
FE-025-C            Oxford Correct B1
FE-026-C            Oxford Correct B3
FE-027-C            Oxford Correct C2
FE-020-C            Oxford Correct Bleach Shade

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